Monday, August 31, 2009


In the two articles “Women Raise Bar In Colleges” by an unknown writer and “Quiet Gender Gap Hits Collegiate Balance” by the Post Editorials what mattered to me was the stereotype put on high school males. Male high school students are often thought of as slackers or underachievers as well as being more focused on other things. I believe this stereotype is only true for a fraction of the male student body. Yes many males don’t care about grades, but most are very mindful of their schoolwork. They share their time wisely between sports and other activities as well as homework. In one of the articles it said that some colleges are accepting males just to increase the male population in that school. I think that there are plenty of males that want to go to college and qualify for that college that they don’t have to just accept males but can actually look at applications. Yes I believe that the stereotype put on high school males is true for some people but I disagree with it overall.

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