Wednesday, February 24, 2010

PLN 12

In the article by Stager-to-go, “Play 60? Not in the USA!,” what matters is that children’s play is being taken away and needs to be changed. This blog was in response to the commercials and organization set up by the NFL called Play60 which encourages children to play for 60 minutes a day. Schools have taken away recess and PE classes, and turned them into more classes for learning which isn’t bad but children need time to play. Students get on the bus early in the morning, return home at dusk, do homework, eat dinner, and go to bed. There is no time for them to play. Playing is what children want to do, we don’t want to sit in class all day, we want to go outside and run around for a while. I think that Play60 is a great idea but schools need to help make that possible by giving the kids more time to play.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

PLN 11

"Strasburg man arrested for internet luring,” by the Denver Post talks about a 43 year old man that tried to set up a date online with a 14 year old girl. This shows a major bad about technology. People have figured out how to use it to their advantage. There are lots of messed up guys out there that can use technology in order to find younger girls. Yes there are the dating sites that are “safe and secure.” On the other hand there are always breaks in the system or people that know how to hack the system and can find everything out about a person. Personal information is not as safe as it was before technology came along. It is not necessarily technology itself though; it is the people that use technology in ways other than its original usage. Technology is a great resource but there are people that use it for reasons that should never be needed let alone gone through with.

PLN 10

In the article by Karl Fisch, “Be the Change” what matters is that Mr. Fisch is helping change the world by changing his means of electricity in his house. He installed solar panels on his roof that should account for 95-100% of his electricity from now on. Our world is in a downward slope and we are going down fast. Humans are not taking care of the environment we live in and are paying for it more than ever. There are so many ways to help out though. Whether it is recycling, turning off lights when you leave, or like Mr. Fisch, going all out and using solar powered energy. They also have a hybrid car, which is a great way to help. Gasoline is terrible for the environment and hybrids are reducing that need for gasoline. Every little thing you do to help out the world can go a long way.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


My action plan for my Change the World paper is to send a letter to the UN about the state of religious freedoms and how it is a problem. I am going to tell them about the paper I wrote and why people deserve the right to have this freedom. Something needs to happen for these people without freedom. One argument is that governments are taking away human rights in order to give themselves more power. They are only worried about themselves and need to think about what every human being deserves. When they take away the right to the freedom of religion they take away the right to think. That leads down a dark path when one person is telling a whole country what to think. I hope that my letter can at least spark some discussion between people and get people thinking.

PLN 7 is an organization out to change the world which is a great source for my paper. They expose problems tell you more about the problem and tell you how to help. They also raise money for peoples personal projects that they agree with that don’t have the type of funds needed to make the project successful. With religion they talk about discrimination. They give facts and give many ideas on how to make a difference. This site is a great source for me because it gave me many ideas for my action plan. It also gave me facts about how people are discriminated against. They found that the majority of hate crimes are aimed at Jews. Just because Jews believe differently than most people doesn’t mean they can be looked down upon. I think that discrimination is not needed at all, but religious discrimination there is no justification for. Someone disagrees with your viewpoints so you have to get back at them? What’s the point? That person isn’t going to change their mind in your favor after you hurt them. Our world needs to change and religious discrimination needs to be greatly reduced.

Monday, February 8, 2010


For my Change the World paper on freedom of religion I found a document, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, written by the United Nations. It says this about religious freedom, “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance” (“The Universal”). Everyone should be able to think for themselves and choose their own religion without ramifications. People should be able to worship openly with people or alone. Many people take advantage of their freedoms and people without freedoms can only dream. The UN has tried to make these people dreams come true but they don’t have the power to enforce the rights they believe people should have. Religious freedom is a major problem around the world that needs to change. This Document by the UN is a good source for my paper and a plan to reference it a lot.