Sunday, March 7, 2010

PLN 15

I just watched the video introducing the new iPad from Apple and I am amazed. The iPad is essentially a thinner, faster, better touch screen laptop computer. Although it isn’t all that much different from an iTouch or an iPhone it is much more than that. When I was watching this video I thought about what if students had one of these for their schoolwork? If we didn’t get distracted easily this would be a great idea. It would save paper and all our work would be in one place and would be very fun and easy to use. The iPad is just another example of how technologically based our world is. I use my phone all the time and am on the computer a ton. I am always listening to music and every once in a while, take some pictures. My problem is that to do all these things I need three or four devises. If I had the iPad though, all these things would be in one place working at the same time. I could be texting someone, listening to music, on Facebook, looking at my pictures, and doing homework essentially at the same time. I just think that is amazing. My dad walked in while I was watching the video and was just blown away and talked to me about how fast our world has advanced technologically. The iPad is being released April 3 for $499 each.

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