Tuesday, December 8, 2009

PLN 27

In the video Google Goggles, and the article "Google Goggles: why didn’t I think of that?," by Karl Fisch what matters is that this is a huge step for technology because there is no typing or speaking involved. For this new search engine to work all you have to do is take a picture and google goggles can figure out what it is and give you information about it. This is amazing to me because I am fascinated by technology and this only improves my thoughts on it. Technology is always moving forward like Karl Fisch’s “Did You Know” video says. Google is also an impressive source and always seem to be coming out with the next technological advance. This also relates to Karl Fisch’s “2020 vision” which talks about the technology in the next 11 years. This new search engine by google is extremely impressive and crazy to think about. I can find out all about a business by a persons business card by just taking a picture of it. I can figure out the artist and title of a painting. I can find out tons of information through google goggles without saying of typing anything.

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