Sunday, December 6, 2009

PLN 26

In the article by Karl Fisch, “A Shift in the Digital Divide,” what I thought was interesting was that non-Hispanic whites were not at the top of each graph they were at the bottom. This graph is about how many young Latinos, Blacks, and Whites have used mobile devices. All the graphs show that Latinos are at the highest ethnic group in use of mobile IM, Texting, Emailing, Internet, directions, video, and music. This article says that they believe it is because young Latinos and Blacks are spreading their knowledge with older generations. Another reason they think is that mobile is cheaper than home connection, but you get the same thing. I have a cell phone, but I can’t access the Internet, IM, email, or get directions, but it is very convenient. I can almost always get a signal and talk to whomever I want. One thing I don’t understand is how does this show a shift in the digital divide. What did the old divide look like? I was surprised that non-Hispanic whites were not on the top of each list because almost everyone I know has a Iphone or a Touch and can do all those things on their phone.

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