Tuesday, January 19, 2010


In the article by The Denver Post, “World Vision Supplies leave Denver for Haiti” it talks about the relief effort by World Vision. World Vision is a Christian organization that provides food and clothes to poor and impoverished countries. I was lucky enough to visit and help World Vision a couple times with my middle school. World Vision sent 110,000 pounds of aid supplies to Haiti. These supplies include tarps, blankets, water, and hygiene kits. World Vision had already sent 20,000 pounds of tents and blankets last week. These people are helping human beings they have never met because they know its what is right. They know that they should be helping those people. The earthquake destroyed Haiti, buildings lay in ruins, people are left without homes and thousands lay dead. If everyone around the world that could give even 1 dollar imagine what we could do for those people and that country. That is probably around 2 billion dollars if everyone in good standing gave one dollar. Not to mention the people that give hundreds. These people need help and where are they going to get it? World Vision is doing their part, so can the rest of us.

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