Thursday, February 11, 2010

PLN 7 is an organization out to change the world which is a great source for my paper. They expose problems tell you more about the problem and tell you how to help. They also raise money for peoples personal projects that they agree with that don’t have the type of funds needed to make the project successful. With religion they talk about discrimination. They give facts and give many ideas on how to make a difference. This site is a great source for me because it gave me many ideas for my action plan. It also gave me facts about how people are discriminated against. They found that the majority of hate crimes are aimed at Jews. Just because Jews believe differently than most people doesn’t mean they can be looked down upon. I think that discrimination is not needed at all, but religious discrimination there is no justification for. Someone disagrees with your viewpoints so you have to get back at them? What’s the point? That person isn’t going to change their mind in your favor after you hurt them. Our world needs to change and religious discrimination needs to be greatly reduced.

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