Thursday, February 18, 2010

PLN 10

In the article by Karl Fisch, “Be the Change” what matters is that Mr. Fisch is helping change the world by changing his means of electricity in his house. He installed solar panels on his roof that should account for 95-100% of his electricity from now on. Our world is in a downward slope and we are going down fast. Humans are not taking care of the environment we live in and are paying for it more than ever. There are so many ways to help out though. Whether it is recycling, turning off lights when you leave, or like Mr. Fisch, going all out and using solar powered energy. They also have a hybrid car, which is a great way to help. Gasoline is terrible for the environment and hybrids are reducing that need for gasoline. Every little thing you do to help out the world can go a long way.

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