Thursday, April 1, 2010

PLN 20

The article "Tennessee Truck Driver Leaves Path of Destruction in Longmont" by Vanessa Miller at the Denver Post, talks about a man under the influence that drove through a neighborhood and destroyed everything in his path. This man destroyed trees, fences, light poles, multiple cars, and two houses. I thought this was interesting, incredibly sad but interesting. In PLN 19 I wrote about a state trooper that was driving drunk. I thought that what if that trooper was not intoxicated and could have caught this man before all this happened, but the trooper was arrested a while ago and this was only a couple of days ago. Why is it that people drive drunk? Everyone hears and knows the stories about people being killed or seriously injured by drivers under the influence and yet, there are still plenty of stories to go around. My grandpa lives in Longmont and this driver could have easily hurt him. That is incredibly scary to think about. I could have related to those stories about drunk driving. I don’t have a huge problem with drinking, but drinking and driving is incredibly stupid and I have a problem with that. People need to think about the good of everyone else around them and either stay sober or be smart enough to not drive.

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