Sunday, April 25, 2010

PLN 26

"Suspect arrested in iPad theft” by the Denver Post talks about a man that robbed an iPad from a 59 year old man. As he was taking it from him, the skin on the man’s pinky was stripped to the bone so he couldn’t run after the robber. The man had just bought the iPad and was walking out to his car as it was ripped out of hands. Why do people steal? I don’t understand it. There are plenty of other legal ways to get money. Get a job! If you need money fast they talk to someone, take a loan from someone, anything but steal from someone. This man wasn’t doing anything wrong and paid for his merchandise and still was robbed and injured. Bad things happen to good people, this situation is a great example of that. When I buy something I don’t worry about someone stealing it from me but it does happen which is incredibly sad. I wonder how messed up people’s morals are when things like this happen. How deep are you that stealing is the only way out? Sometimes that’s not even why people steal, they steal because they want to, they don’t have the self control to stop themselves.

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