Monday, November 23, 2009


In the article by David Warlick, “Qualities of an Effective Teacher,” what matters is that how students do reflects the effectiveness of a teacher, but that shouldn’t effect the pay check. I have good and bad teachers, teachers that I learn a lot from, and some I don’t learn anything from, some easy and some incredibly hard. There are also students that work really hard and always have and always will. Then there are other students that don’t care. That shouldn’t mean teachers get paid more or less. I believe that teachers need to challenge their students, and if they were getting paid depending on grades, I don’t know if teachers would do that. What would happen to education? Students wouldn’t be prepared for the huge world we get thrown into. Teachers might make tests and homework too easy in order to keep the grades in their class high. How would our world react to students that aren't prepared and not as intellectually advanced because teachers want to make a couple extra bucks. I think it would be easier and more fair to give schools bonus' if they are academically ahead. Then the school can decide to distribute to the teachers. Yes students grades reflect the teacher but money shouldn’t be involved.

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  1. I agree with your argument. I think for some teachers, the tests and assignments would be too simple. The best teachers I have ever had were the ones who made me think for myself, work hard, answer my own problems, and who marked the hardest. Those are the teachers who push you to be your best. Those are the teacher that you learn the most from.