Sunday, October 4, 2009


In Will Richardson’s article “Footprints In The Digital Age,” what matters is how we are being judged by our use of the web because I do not want to look different on the Internet than I am in real life. The fact is people will see your digital footprint, and you will be judged because of that footprint. Just like in our essay, yes our digital footprint should affect your future because you will be judged based on your Facebook, YouTube, blogs, emails, and documents you publish. This article says that teens are “creating, publishing, and learning on their own, outside school.” I disagree with this, I think our teachers and parents are a major part of what we create, publish, and learn on the web. He makes it seem as though teens are doing whatever we want on the Internet and ruining the whole idea. I believe we are making the Internet more modern and new and more up to date. The Internet is a great tool and every teen knows that, every teen uses that to their advantage. Every teen uses the web for school related subjects and non-school related subjects, which does not mean I am a different person on the web than I am in real life. Whether I like it or not I will be judged by how I use the internet, but I am the same person on both fronts.

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