Wednesday, October 21, 2009


In Karl Fisch’s thought for the day 5-30-09,” commitment needs to come first to be successful. “If organization requires success before commitment, it will never have either.” I have always had trouble committing to things I don’t like, such as school or chores, but when I do commit to them I find I am successful. Such as this year in high school I have been committed because I have something to strive for, if I don’t have good grades I can’t play basketball, and that’s just not an option for me. I make commitments to things I like very easily, such as basketball or interesting homework assignments. I had an assignment on my family tree in eighth grade and I committed to it and received a 95% on that project. I commit to basketball everyday and I am getting better everyday I play. Success doesn’t happen unless you want it to happen and you work for it, or commit to it.


  1. Yes Jeremy absolutely! Discipline and commitment are the two keys to success. If you really want to achieve something, then put your mind fully in that to do so. What do yo think are some other characteristics that must go with commitment? What are other things that you can do to achieve success?

  2. Exactly! You're lucky that you've realized this at your age! I still have friends who haven't figured this out yet! It's something that a person has to experience for themself, and not by others just telling them all the time! What kind of steps have you taken in order to achieve success, in both basketball and your school work?