Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I disagree with "Keyboards vs. Pens" and Virginia Berninger's study because I write better on a computer and I think it is a lot faster. I like to write with pencil and paper but I like to be able to delete my thoughts and try again on the computer. With pencil and paper you have to erase and it makes the paper look informal and messy. But it is also not good to only rely on one form of writing. Both computers and traditional pencil and paper have pros and cons but I believe the computer would be better. I believe it is faster, and easier to look at your thoughts and delete them if you don’t like them. Another thing I like is being able to proof read very easily. Word has lots of tools like word search, spell check, and it tells you when something is spelled wrong or grammar is incorrect. With pencil and paper it is much harder to proof read and little mistakes that were made are not seen and fixed. My writing is better and faster on a computer because of all the tools computers have.


  1. Hey Jeremy. The study was focusing primarily on content as opposed to grammar and format. You should think about which is easier for you to convey your thoughts: with a pen or with a keyboard. In writing in general, content and thought trumps grammar and format.

  2. Hi, I'm one of your mentors, Danielle. Sometimes spell and grammar check can have a negative effect on people. Because things are always fixed for them, they never have to pay attention to what they've done wrong, and therefore, they never have to learn. When an essay must be written and not typed, it's hard to see your own mistakes, because there is nothing to help you out.