Monday, October 26, 2009


In the article “Centennial man killed in motorcycle accident,” by the Denver Post, what matters is technology isn’t always safe because nothing is perfect. This man was riding a motorcycle and hit the median and was found dead. This whole year we have talked about technology and how it will change our lives and the future. I have always been a fan of motorcycles and so is my brother, he wants to buy one when he gets enough money. I think they are cool, but they are also very dangerous like lots of other technology. Even computers are not completely safe with messed up and scary people on the Internet, as well as technology can cause fire and burn. Technology is a great thing but it needs some refining as to be safe and less dangerous.

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  1. Hey Jeremy. Well I'd say that technology needs to treated with caution. Being aware of the danger is very important. You're right, there are some tings that need some work, but for the most part I believe that as an individual one must make the right choices to be safe in this technological world.