Wednesday, November 4, 2009

PLN 20

In the article by the Denver Post, “Most Denverites Stressed, Survey Indicates,” what matters is that I believe I am one of approximately 25% that say they are not stressed out. A study was done in the metro area of 202 people from July 21 till Aug 4 and it showed that 75 percent of residents were stressed. Most people said their stress had gone up because of the last year; election, economy, and health care issues. I don’t get stressed very easily, when I am a little stressed I go outside and play basketball and feel better once I am done. Mostly homework and when I hurt myself doing something stupid is what stresses me out. My mom gets stressed extremely easily on the other hand. My dad and I are both laid back so it is not a good mix when my gets stressed. She gets intensely angry at us because we aren’t as stressed as she is. I don’t get stressed but when I am I know how to cope. I know what to do in order to not be stressed anymore. Although 75% of residents that were surveyed said they were stressed, I am not part of that large number and very happy because of it.

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