Sunday, November 15, 2009


In Karl Fisch’s The Heritage School of Kabala,” what matters is that kids in Sierra Leone are going to get an education because of the work that Heritage did. Heritage raised $60,000 in three years and are now building a school in Sierra Leone, the Heritage school of Kabala. Arapahoe does wish week and toys for tots but we do nothing of this size. I have been told that nothing worth having is free. Whether it is money, time or hard work that went into it. Heritage worked hard, spent time, and raised money for these children in Sierra Leone. I think this is amazing because Heritage could have used that money for themselves and enhancing there own school but instead they are building a completely new school. Heritage worked hard and raised money, and therefore kids in another country can get a good education.

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  1. It's great how we work together to achieve more. Do you think more institutions should be doing this? How does this affect Sierra Leone not only in a educational perspective?