Sunday, November 8, 2009

PLN 21

In David Warlick’s, “This would be weird,” what matters is woman are about to outnumber males in Americas work force for the first time ever. Also women are losing jobs at much lower rate then men are in these tough economic times. In September women made up 49.83% of the work force. They are now expected to make up at least 50%. This matters to me because as women’s numbers go up that means male’s numbers are going down. This relates to the article we read about how women do better in college than males. Women are beginning to become a larger and larger part in the world. From the 1900’s when women couldn’t even vote and barely worked, to being the majority of the work force.


  1. I agree. Women have come a long ways from the 1900's! It's weird to see how the roles of men and women have reversed in many families. Do you think this trend (of women making up more and more of the work force) will continue, or will it turn around at one point or another? If so, when will this point be?

  2. This is an interesting post Jeremy. I'm not sure I read one of these articles you've read "we read about how women do better in college than males". Would you mind linking that? And yes, women have come such a long ways since the 1900's. Nice post.